Links do not have descriptive text

"Links do not have descriptive text" essentially means that your webpage has links that do not have descriptive text, which can make it difficult for users, especially those using screen readers, to understand where the links lead.

How to fix it

The solution is to add descriptive text to your links. Here's how:

Step 1: Identify Links Without Descriptive Text

First, you need to identify the links that do not have descriptive text. You can use Chrome DevTools for this. Open DevTools, go to the 'Elements' tab, and look for <a> tags in your HTML that do not have descriptive text.

Step 2: Add Descriptive Text to Links

Once you've identified the links without descriptive text, you need to add it. This should be a brief description of where the link leads or what it does.

<!-- Before -->
<a href="">Click here</a>

<!-- After -->
<a href="">Visit</a>

In this example, we've replaced the non-descriptive "Click here" text with a descriptive "Visit" text.

Step 3: Test Your Changes

For an even better solution, consider testing your changes to make sure they don't break any functionality. This can help ensure that your site still works as expected with the added descriptive text.

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